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CodEzy Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. - Expert IT Professionals for Custom Software Development

We're justifiably proud of the team we've assembled. The CodEzy team is made up of highly qualified, talented and innovative IT professionals each with their own area of expertise. Their experience spans the full range of custom software development, from small entrepreneurial projects to complex systems for major corporations.

Our team members are developing software for Windows for last 10+ years and have worked on every major version of Windows from Windows 3.1 to Windows 8. At CodEzywe follow component based multi layered, object-oriented application architecture. This gives clean separation of coding and concerns. This makes our application robust, maintainable and scalable.

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Improve Efficiency and Productivity

By simplifying the process and increasing productivity, ERP software ensures a faster ROI. Avoiding manual data update boosts productivity and removes the chance of human error.


Reduce Administrative and Operational Costs

Manufacturers can reduce administrative and operational costs by monitor various activities, avoid process delays, and analyse information to help managers take prompt, effective decisions.


Accurate Forecasting

ERP software provides real-time information on business operations to make precise estimations, identify needs, and plan processes accordingly.


Data Security

An ERP solution has essential data protection controls to ensure appropriate data access at appropriate levels.

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Professional Partnership


CodEzy has been actively engaged in a collaborative partnership with GST Hero since 2020, establishing a seamless and mutually beneficial connection. This strategic alignment has enabled both parties to effectively cater to customers' needs, particularly in the areas of GST filing, E-Way Bill generation, and E-Invoice processing.

GSTHero™ was launched in 2017 by Perennial Systems. The same time Perennial Systems became the first GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) in Pune.

GSTHero is a best GST filing software and E-Way Bill Generation Software in India. GSTHero is a government authorized GST Suvidha Provider. Provide GST Compliance, E-Invoicing Integrated Solution and E-Way Bill Automation for both Businesses and Tax Practitioners.